Infographic: Why Facebook?

Uriel Shklanovsky
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Mobile gaming industry reality states that there’s no turning back from the free-to-play business model currently dominating the market. Few mobile users will pay to download a game, however many are willing to give it a shot when it’s free. But enough of stating the obvious.

The key question is, “How do you get more people in the door when there are thousands of doors competing for the same audience?” The answer is simple: pave the way to your door with marketing dollars.

There are many sources that will help attract people on the path to your door, and there are many criteria which you should consider before selecting the right source to guide people to your game.

We start with a series of infographics highlighting the key data about the proven and most profitable sources of traffic for your game. And today, we start with Facebook.

If you are interested in learning more details as to how Facebook can help bring you more paying users, take a look at our Facebook advertising services or request a FREE proposal from our UA experts.


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