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We live our lives in social media. When you go to a fancy restaurant, hundreds of your Pinterest friends know what you ate for dinner. When you’re stuck in traffic, all your Twitter followers know the music you’re listening to. When you go on vacation, hundreds of your Instagram friends know what your bare feet look like. And when you play Candy Crash, all your Facebook friends know when you’re bored.

In fact, there are 3.2 billion interactions on Facebook, half a billion tweets, and 70 million photos posted on Instagram every day!

Every social media platform is a goldmine in terms of a target audience for game developers. But not all platforms work equally well for your specific game genre. So here’s the information to save you digging through hundreds of different resources and start acquiring your gamers with mobile app install ads in the channel that will work optimally for your game.


The wealth of targeting capabilities and overall reach make Facebook advertising extremely powerful. Let’s have a closer look at Facebook’s targeting capabilities:

Location: lets you reach gamers in key locations by country, state/province, city or post code.

Demographics: allows you to target people based on demographics like age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace and more.

Interests: lets you define your ideal audience by their interests, hobbies and pages they like on Facebook.

Behavior: helps you reach games based on their device usage, purchasing behavior etc.

Custom Audiences: lets you target your game ads at your existing players from your own list, or exclude them from a particular campaign.

Lookalike Audiences: enables the reaching of new users who are similar to your ideal players.

Audience Network: enables you to scale your campaigns by extending the reach of your ads into high-quality mobile apps, approved by Facebook.

Check out these 7 golden tips created by DAU-UP gamer acquisition experts to create highly effective Facebook campaigns.

DAU-UP insight on Facebook advertising: boost your advertising with video ads to significantly improve ROI. Gamers consume videos on a regular basis across different platforms and it’s an excellent opportunity to increase engagement by bringing your game to life.


With access to over 1 billion iOS and Android devices, Twitter holds huge potential for mobile game developers. According to Twitter, 58% of Twitter users have installed an app in the last month, and the average Twitter user has 25% more apps on their device than the average smartphone owner. 36% of those users have purchased premium apps. All this data adds up to the fact that mobile app promotion on Twitter can provide a good stream of new quality users to your game.

Mobile App Install cards leverage Twitter’s powerful targeting capabilities, including:

Geography and Language: helps to connect with a global audience or narrow the reach of your campaign to a specific country, state, or even zip code. If you have language-specific messaging, you can also reach people who tweet in that particular language.

Gender: allows you to tailor a specific message to men or women to increase relevance.

Device: target users based on the device they’re using to access Twitter. You can choose by OS version, device, and WiFi connectivity. We’ll ensure that you only target devices that are compatible with your game.

Interests: lets you scale your reach with over 350 interest categories. This is a great option when you want to broaden your targeting capabilities.

Keywords: reach people who search, tweet about, or engage with specific keywords. Deliver messages to users in the right moment based on what they’ve recently tweeted or engaged with in tweets.

Followers: reach people with specific interests or who are similar to followers of specific accounts. This is the recommended option when you’re looking to target a niche audience.

Television: reach people who tweet about or engage with tweets related to specific television programming.

Tailored Audiences: someone who has already expressed interest in your business is more likely to engage with your marketing messages.

App Install cards have the ability to automatically use your app’s icon and description from Google Play or the App Store and deep link the card to open your game directly from Twitter.

In addition, App Cards on iOS also include install notifications; a prompt that occurs on Twitter once your game is fully downloaded. The notification is designed to drive activation of your game when user intent is highest.


DAU-UP insight on Twitter advertising: the ads of Casual/Strategy/RPG games show the best engagement with the audience.


Using Facebook’s targeting capabilities (see above), advertisers can target users very closely, resulting in higher quality reach, and eventually leading to higher revenues from advertising.

The early results show promising CTRs on Instagram advertising, with users more likely to click on an Instagram advert rather than Facebook or Twitter.

We have seen compelling results for our clients thus far and believe it’s an excellent opportunity for early adoption.

It’s important to mention that creative is the major game changer for Instagram ads. The audience is used to creative, high quality imagery and has a big appetite to engage with premium quality content.

Instagram ad products are positioned as premium, large format ad type. The ad occupies the entire app screen, and consequently is highly engaging to consumers.

DAU-UP insight on Instagram advertising: make sure to keep your creatives within “Instagram style.” Instagram’s best-performing images have a well-recognized style that resonates well within the community. With that in mind, think unique and be creative with your ads, both still and video formats, to find those that most appeal to your audience.


Each game genre is a world of its own and each genre has its own audience.  Knowing your ideal audience is critical but it’s more challenging to find and build this audience across multiple channels.

There are a plethora of audiences on every social platform; the challenge is to reach the right ones at the optimal cost through smart and fast analysis and constant optimization of your campaigns, as well as determine the best performing creative formats and types.

DAU-UP experts run numerous campaigns for all game genres across major social platforms. We have in-house creative teams with the knowledge of how Facebook ad creative should be different from Instagram, and experience of the best performing styles for each genre and platform. With the help of our unique technology, we have A/B tested thousands of creatives for hundreds of games. We know what works.

Contact us to get a proposal and start successfully growing your game today!




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