Ramp Up Your Mobile Game with Instagram Advertising

Uriel Shklanovsky
Instagram Advertising
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“The most anticipated moment in the evolution of advertising” is finally here. Instagram has officially switched on its Ads API and all Facebook’s Ad targeting tools are officially open for Instagram advertisers.

Key Facts:

300m+ MAU

75M+ DAU

77.6M users in the U.S.

70%+ user are outside the U.S.

51% of users are male – 49% female

90% of users are younger than 35

47% of mobile users access on smartphone – 53% on tablet

49% of users log in at least once a day

21 min. is average time spent per day

24% increase in Likes if the dominant color of the image is blue

Market Forecast:

Instagram is forecast by eMarketer to surpass Google and Twitter in terms of US mobile display ad revenues by 2017:


Why should mobile game developers run Instagram campaigns?

You’re looking at an untapped access to 300M+ users – a brand new vertical ready to engage with your ad. It’s the place where people go to chill out, to discover what’s new and to connect around their passions. And games is one of them.

Millions of these users are your direct audience but may have not yet discovered your game. With the new ad formats naturally woven into the user’s feed, Instagram supports a very lightweight experience, staying true to the value of simplicity. The ‘’Install Now’’ button is simple yet effective enough to be noticed.


A great advantage of Instagram as a platform is that you don’t have to set the stage for the perfect momentum; users open Instagram in search for relaxation and fun, ready to be engaged with your app. So the perfect time and the perfect setting is there, you just need to seize the opportunity.

What’s special about Instagram as an advertising platform?

As with all platforms, user experience is everything. And your creative is the game changer here. Remember that Instagram users are used to seeing high quality, beautiful and compelling images of the world’s top brands. Instagram’s best-performing images also have a well-recognized style that resonates well within the community. But perhaps the most important feature of images – they inspire emotions. A picture really does paint a thousand words.

People remember images that evoke feelings – and that’s where you need to master your game’s creatives to win the clicks of your loyal fans.

Instagram targeting capabilities for effective campaigns:

The new targeting expands on the connection between Instagram ads and the user data in Facebook, plugging Instagram directly into the broader ecosystem of social ad platforms.

The wealth of Facebook’s ad-targeting capabilities (including Custom Audiences, Lookalike targeting, interests, demographic targeting, etc.) and ad-buying tools, enables you to run granular targeted campaigns with the highest ROI.

With the integration of Instagram into DAU-UP’s technology, our clients receive direct access to the broad advertising ecosystem and can take the full advantage of planning and running Instagram campaigns alongside Facebook and Twitter ads and cross-promote, thereby reaching wider audiences.

DAU-UP’s unique tracking solutions and media data synch also integrate perfectly to this media source, allowing manual and automatic optimization to advertiser’s KPIs.

If you’re ready to scale your social advertising, don’t lose time. Contact us today to get started!

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