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Einav Dolev
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With the recent news of 4 executives leaving its doors, Twitter has made it to all major media headlines. Larry Bird has been keeping industry experts busy discussing platforms user growth struggles, and stock fluctuations. Despite all the concerns Twitter is facing, it remains a valuable source of additional user base for mobile game developers. Besides, Twitter continues upgrading the advertising experience on the platform, introducing new ad units as a sign of intent to capitalize on the product-related chatter.

With access to over 1 billion iOS and Android devices, Twitter holds huge potential for mobile game developers. According to Twitter, 58% of Twitter users have installed an app in the last month, and the average Twitter user has 25% more apps on their device than the average smartphone owner. 36% of those users have purchased premium apps. All this data adds up to the fact that mobile app promotion on Twitter can provide a good stream of new quality users to your game.

Thus mobile game developers are actively taking advantage of Twitter’s potential to reach new players and grow revenue on this platform. We analyzed different trends from mobile app promotion campaigns managed on both Facebook and Twitter over the same period of time, and here are media performance insights on Social Casino games but they can be applied for other genres as well.

  • Time to First Time Deposit (FTD) on Twitter is X1.8 shorter than on Facebook
  • CPI on Facebook is 70% less than on Twitter
  • Scale on Facebook is X2 higher than on Twitter
  • CPA on Twitter is 65% less than on Facebook

To sum up: Facebook allows high scale with reasonable CPI, while Twitter allows medium scale with short time to FTD.

Overall, despite the difficulty advertisers see with promoting Social Casino games on Twitter, we generated amazing results in terms of ROAS.

Here are some more of our findings:


Ads on Twitter have higher ad fatigue – even the most appealing creatives suffer from ad decay much faster than on other platforms due to high impressions delivery. The main reason is that Twitter is pushing ads to reach people in real time, based on high relevancy. To combat this and keep the CTR higher and CPI lower, you need to refresh the ads faster.

Your mobile app promotion strategy on this platform should be very unique due to media behavior. We recommend developing methods to optimize towards your needs on high/low scales, leveraging Twitter’s advantages.

DAU-UP studio is working around the clock to create the most relevant ads to address users in the correct moment. The knowledge and vast experience in gaming yields fast and high quality assets that affect highly on ROAS.


With eCPI higher than on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter shows much shorter time to deposit compared to other platforms. Thus, the key in mobile app promotion is to define demographic and interest attributes at a very granular level for your high-value players, and then leverage Twitter’s targeting and bidding options.


There are numerous ways to optimize user acquisition strategy on Twitter to have a positive ROI. Here are top 3 that have proven to work well for us and could help you reach your goals:

  1. Approach the same users in all possible ways, reach them in real time via their passions and interests (TV shows, user behavior and etc.).
  2. Acquire through tailored audiences. Once you’ve defined your high-value players – create smart lookalikes to reach more player of the same value.
  3. Use smart scaling methods which allow you to scale fast and keep your goal with almost no adjustment period.

Twitter is very different from other platforms and methods to reach the RIGHT user who will deliver the greater value are very different from reaching the right user on Facebook or Instagram. While this is a pretty obvious statement, it requires time, money and effort to tame the bird. And this is where DAU-UP can help you.

Our sophisticated technology, enables us to granulate specific actions, and then find very specific insights from its data that are constantly applied to optimize the mobile app install campaigns for maximum ROI, helping us to reach your goals.

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