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Engage new loyal and monetizable players with mobile ad marketing through DAU-UP - the only mobile advertising company that focuses solely on gamer acquisition
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Accelerate Your Game Growth

Our data driven buying tactics deliver results

As gaming specialists in the mobile advertising arena, we’ve got the intricate knowledge and technology needed to deliver lifetime value players to your games. Our centralized acquisition solution for mobile advertising focuses exclusively on generating loyal and paying users for your games. To see this vision through, we employ data driven media buying strategies, fine-tuned to produce precisely the active and valued players you seek.

DAU-UP works with an extensive list of handpicked media partners that specialize in driving games traffic, including RTB exchanges, ad networks, and direct publishers.

Mobile Services

  • Social Traffic


    Social Traffic

    Full service social gaming solutions by Facebook experts

    More than 1.12b monthly Facebook users and 211m Twitter users access these social networks through their Smartphones and Tablets on multiple occasions every day. Having spent years navigating the gaming ecosystem, we are proud social media specialists who have developed a unique expertise in using Facebook and Twitter mobile ads to deliver lifetime value players exclusively for the gaming industry. With direct access to the Facebook & Twitter Ads APIs, DAU-UP is the market leader in delivering outcomes that consistently generate vastly superior results in comparison to independent social campaigns.
    Learn more about our social expertise here.

  • Smart Media Buying

    Gamers Acquisition

    Smart Media Buying

    Intelligent and efficient mobile advertising campaigns by gaming specialists

    From DSP and RTB Exchange to ad and affiliate networks, there are a vast amount of traffic sources available on the market. Yet very few can produce loyal players cost effectively. With access to the top gaming publishers on the market, we know which media channels to utilize to secure you the players you’re searching for. Our advanced intelligent algorithms enable us to evaluate masses of potential targeting and creative, while adjusting the bid, allocating the budget effectively, and optimizing towards player value, to deliver at scale monetizable players at exceptionally competitive rates.

  • App Store Visibility

    Burst Campaign

    App Store Visibility

    Concentrated campaigns to place you in the top App Store rankings, driving organic app installs

    In order to get your game discovered in the App Store, you need continuously large numbers of downloads. Incentivized marketing can be the launchpad to your app’s visibility, by speedily establishing a substantial user base.
    DAU-UP has the cutting edge technology and proven expertise to push your game to the top of the App Store charts. Through cross-network optimization, we will ensure you obtain downloads to maximum capacity at the highest return on your investment. Quickly boost your app with a chart-topping number of downloads in selected countries that will generate record numbers of organic installs throughout and beyond your campaign.

  • Google App Installs

    DAU-UP Google App Install Ads

    Google App Installs


    Google’s AdWords in-app network offers millions of monetizable players, both for iOS and Android games. DAU-UP has developed advanced API tools integrated with the latest features to maximize our professional experience and know-how. A wealth of proven targeting and optimization techniques enable us to reach the players who stay and pay – and, at lower CPI.

    Many of our clients are already enjoying success with Google Media. Allow us replicate this success for your game.

our strengths

  • strength1

    Performance oriented

    We are dedicated to creating and developing performance driven marketing formulas aimed at acquiring highly engaged, loyal users to take your DAU up and generate unbeatable ROI.

  • strength3

    real time optimization

    Designed to instinctively optimize your campaign in real-time, The DAU-UP platform persistently re-engineers your ads for better and better results.

  • strength2

    multi media channels

    We select only the markets top media sources proven to deliver high volume and quality players. Then we effectively leverage our buying power and experience to get the best results for you.

  • strength4

    centralized solution

    DAU-UP’s full-service mobile advertising platform will take you from strategy, creative, and media planning & buying through to deployment tracking and reporting for unparalleled ROI results.

tracking partners

DAU-UP works with the world’s leading tracking solutions.
  • AppsFlyer
  • tune
  • kontagent
  • apsalar-logo
  • Kochava
  • adjust
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