Lookalike or Precise Targeting?

Uriel Shklanovsky
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From day one, Facebook positioned itself as a social platform where users can share thoughts, connect with one another, and interact. Today, with over 1.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook has a huge data warehouse of all of its users, their info and interests.

Unlike some advertising platforms, Facebook is built from real users – real people sharing their real interests. This is its main added value for marketers as they don’t just target users from a specific country that visit a specific site, they target the specific demographic of potential clients, according to their geo presence, age, gender, and most of all – interests.

After a few years of giving marketers this treasure trove of data, Facebook upped the ante and started to give marketers the ability to input its clients’ data and receive a “lookalike” audience based on the similarity of the audience inserted. Now, marketers don’t need to think ‘what are the characteristics of my audience?’ as Facebook does it for them.

In the gaming world for example, we can now input all high value users and Facebook will create a lookalike audience. Targeting this audience is guaranteed to bring a similar audience and hopefully one of similar value.

So, if that’s the case, does this targeting option make ‘likes and interests’ targeting irrelevant? Should marketers of Facebook apps cease searching for the ideal “keyword”?

As we all know, Facebook is all about fitting the right message to the right user at the right time. So, who is the right user? Is it someone playing a specific game? Interested in a specific subject? Or just similar to the ones already playing?

Looking at some of our card games activities, we do see how Lookalike Targeting helps advertisers. It opens the door for broader reach and helps deliver requested budgets. However, the good old likes and interests brings the advertiser higher ROI and lower eCPI (around 20% less).

So, next time you upload your campaign on Facebook, think how you can best combine the benefits of all the options Facebook provides for you.

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