How to Boost Your Game Egg-cellence This Spring

Marina Sapunova
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The holidays are a great way to increase brand exposure and acquire new players – and Easter is no exception. Even if your game doesn’t have eggs or bunnies, you can still incorporate Easter into your scheduled update to encourage customers to engage with your game in a fun new way.

In general, the same rules apply to your Easter campaign as for any marketing campaign: make it interesting and unique. It just takes a little creative thinking to make it work for your game.


When most people think of Easter, they think Easter Bunny, baskets, and even religious significance. For marketers, this presents a potential windfall profit opportunity!

From slot-machine games to shape sorting puzzles for kids, every game genre offers a variety of Easter-themed treats. Quick wins for Easter include collectibles, wallpapers, awards, avatars, and game objects.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of Easter Eggs. Get your fans talking, interacting, and engaging while bonding over the idea of searching for hidden secrets in your game.

Developing and integrating holiday-themed levels, a series of quests, contests, or tournaments takes a significant amount of time and resources to design and develop, unlike smaller in-game elements.

You will also gain lots of benefits from integrating special holiday offers into your game economy, i.e. introducing daily deals that encourage users to check your game more often. This can be as simple as an in-game currency package discount or an interactive basket revealing a new content/offer each day. It requires more forethought but will result in users with a higher LTV.


Of course, you should consider the extent to which your game will benefit from Easter promotion and weight it against the costs to develop and market the update.  Always think carefully about how and where you implement your strategy, and how to achieve real, quantifiable ROI.

The key component for a successful holiday strategy is the engagement of valuable and profitable players, and that is where the unique precision targeting options and robust data driven tools become essential to achieve your marketing goals. Track, measure, and optimize every element and every action. And don’t forget to analyze user in-game behavior at big data scale daily during your holiday marketing campaign.


Use this opportunity to:

  • Renew your relationship with players

It’s no secret that user retention plays a huge role in profitability. After all, if there’s a hole in the bucket, it doesn’t matter how much you pour inside when there’s a constant leak. And once you’ve fixed the leak, you can use new seasonal content and/or features to incentivize players to return to the game and continue their journey with better user experience.

  • Rebrand

While there are a multitude of reasons why you may decide to rebrand your game (e.g. a slight or complete change in the logo when entering a new market or going international; appealing to a different demographic; legal issues causing you to rebrand the game, or even a competitor’s activity); doing it over Easter holidays may mitigate some potential risks and make the audience more open and willing to perceive your new brand.

  • Re-launch

Take advantage of re-launching your game during the Easter holiday if you’re presenting a completely new, refreshed player experience full of distinct, expanded feature sets. Re-launching is an inherently risky process as it forces users to climb the adoption curve to learn new functionality. And as with rebranding, you can minimize the risks of a cognitive burden put on the users by re-launching during Easter.

  • Come up with a special offer

A powerful offer is a great way to increase your profit as well as drive more traffic to your game. Think of what your players really want and give it to them within an irresistible offer. Depending on what your marketing goal is, decide what specific action you want from your users in return for an offer. It can be a discount for your most valuable item/package from your in-app purchases. Discount plus a free bonus as a minimum seasonal content will generate more responses than a discount alone. But make sure you calculate carefully the profitability of your offer including the cost of advertising. A thin profit from your initial offer may be acceptable if you achieve your primary marketing goal. Otherwise, revise your offer.


Experiment with new ad formats. Run A/B testing of every element, experiment with creatives, try them out, seeing if they work, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

It’s important to embrace multiple channels for maximum success.  But do it wisely, understanding media trends, platform and cultural differentials (e.g. Easter for Catholic and Orthodox fall on different dates; Easter bunny and scavenger eggs hunt is not a tradition for Orthodox cultures, and etc.).

Holiday campaigns are also the time when you should consider discovering new audiences outside of your standard high performing segments. Choose unexplored ad networks and inventories to reach new users.

You will also want to refer to the expertise of those who have done this before. DAU UP offers unique full media solution with exclusive focus on gaming. We will help you build and execute KPI-based marketing campaigns that are tailored to deliver high quality players to your game.

Get in touch and have a happy revenue-filled Easter!

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