Entice Your Desktop Players with Video App Install Ads

Marina Sapunova
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Even though the trend in the games industry continues to shift to mobile, desktop games are still big on Facebook. Yesterday, Facebook announced that it’s launching video app install ads for desktop “to attract more people to install and play Facebook desktop games.”

If you’re developing, launching, or running a Facebook desktop game, this is your game changer!

Video ads have proven to be an effective way to promote mobile games with sound and motion. And this dynamic unit, combined with app install ads, has become the developers’ go-to combination for reaching and converting players. Now Facebook extends this feature to desktop games to close the loop in advertising consistency across mobile and desktop.

Similar to mobile app ads, video units start playing automatically in users’ news feeds, and when the playback is finished, it presents the options to either replay the video or use any of Facebook’s call-to-action buttons. For ads featuring in the right rail, it is possible to include a persistent call-to-action over the video pop-up.

While Facebook is still testing this new feature with selected partners before rolling it out soon, it is the perfect time for you to embrace this new ad format and significantly grow your games.

Top  4 essentials to create an effective Facebook video campaign:

  1. Be specific. Invest time in setting your goal, knowing your audience and your competitive advantage. Don’t underestimate this initial step. Understand WHAT exactly drives your users to engage.
  2. Think unique. It’s not easy to create distinctive content, but a strong understanding of your audience and what makes your game unique will help. The video needs to immediately grab the viewer’s attention and drive them to take an action and install your game.
  3. Metrics are critical. Measure and test every element of your ad. Remember that editing the video isn’t the same as editing the image, so keep in mind the time and cost. If you can’t afford several video variations, there’s still some room for optimization: try different starter frames, revise the copy.
  4. Length matters. Brevity is a virtue in the world of video ads. Keep it short, sharp and to the point – users are inundated with content and often have the attention span of a baby with a dirty diaper.


Video app install ads have all the attributes of television – sight, sound and motion, high-quality, and original content. Now combine this with the great benefits Facebook offers – a global audience and a wealth of targeting options; and people’s habit to share content and interact with it. The result – a powerful solution to acquire and retain gamers.

To achieve success though, it is important to make digital video a central focus of creativity and originality for an immersive and engaging experience your gamers will love.

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