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Mobile & Social Advertising Exclusively for Gaming

Here at DAU-UP, the name is the game, and we’ve got only one rule – to deliver you Daily Active Users at an unbeatable rate. To make that happen we focus exclusively on gaming, matching players and games with unique precision.

As gaming experts, our mastery expands over each and every game genre, their user profiles and characteristics. One step ahead of every new trend, we guide you on industry best practices throughout your game’s life cycle.


Our up-to-the-minute technology is uniquely designed for games,
to deliver you maximum ROI.
  • Gaming Knowledge Management

    This information hub will put you on the cutting edge of gaming

    What games are on the market? What’s your player profile? Which creative drives the best results? Our cutting edge games library answers these questions and more by collecting and compiling all the relevant data needed in order to acquire the most profitable players. An integral part of our smart gaming advertising tool, this library is more than just a database, it’s a real time information powerhouse.


    Games Library
  • Ad Creation Tool

    Creative cleverly designed to meet your campaign goals

    This unique technology was created specifically to boost performance marketing results when promoting games. Each ad that we create is meticulously crafted to correspond with your campaign’s unique objectives. Designed to zone in on the most relevant target groups, our innovative tool is custom made to match the right message with the right audience.  Within seconds, thousands of new ads are put to the test to ensure effective, large-scale distribution of your game.

    Ad Creation
  • Performance tools

    Performance marketing powered with innovative technology

    We have combined our optimization know-how and infallible methodology to develop next- generation auto tools. Developed explicitly for games, these real time automated tools work to reduce campaign costs, reach more players, and maximize ROI. Each rule is fully adaptable and frequently customized to stay in line with your campaign targets. Winning the best bid in real time, maximizing cost-effective campaigns, eliminating lower quality ads & day part targeting are just some of the cool features we use to make the most of your next campaign

    Performance Tools
  • Tracking

    The optimal tracking system for post install conversions

    Our powerful dynamic tracking system monitors post install conversions, from the player’s first interaction with the game all the way through to deposit. It enables us to monitor our ad performance clearly, growing the conversion rate from ordinary installs into active, returning, and monetizable players. This innovative tool is simple and easy to integrate for your convenience. With 24/7 access to the most reliable campaign results, our tracking system leaves virtually no room for discrepancy.

  • Reporting

    Detailed reporting & analysis for smarter insights

    All the data is directed to one centralized control panel, allowing us to identify current trends, make precise decisions and turn your investments into quantifiable results. Every criterion is taken into account when it comes to measuring the true performance of a campaign. Our smart BI analytic tools easily communicate campaign trends, answering questions before we even have to ask. Data is revealed in real time, meaning our clients can login to their dashboard, or by API to their data, to access results 24/7.



Our Methodology

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    Campaign Goals

    Before embarking on a new campaign, we pinpoint your marketing needs and tackle them head-on - whether you're looking to bring in monetizable players, improve your metrics,  penetrate new markets and more.

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    Deep Game Analysis

    We get to know your game inside and out, from genre and user experience to animation and special features, in order to identify your target audience, unique selling points, and more.

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    Market Research

    We conduct an in-depth industry analysis to get the skinny on existing games and similar apps, so we know how to position your game in the spotlight.

  • metodology_icon_4

    Based on our extensive social & mobile knowledge and market proficiency, we devise a tailor made media plan to invest your budget smartly, through advanced targeting and precise demographics at scale.

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    As part of our unique service, we make it our job to keep you updated with real time tips on how to improve conversions, user experience, monetization, and more.

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    Our ROI-generating algorithms are strategically designed to optimize high performance ads that target exclusive audiences, and drive high-quality traffic. Working alongside, our hands-on team takes these advertising activities to an optimal position.

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    Our trailblazing tracking methods cover every user experience parameter via a unique acquisition funnel, from impression through to ROI. Allowing us to monitor every stage of user engagement and subsequently quantify monetization.

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    Ad Creation

    From creative and ad types & placements through to targeting and pricing bids, we utilize the optimal ad to bring you the ultimate players.

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