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Marina Sapunova
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When I joined DAU-UP after 7 years of running a game development studio, I was already tuned into my twin passions of games and marketing; so I knew I was aligned with the company’s business direction. What was more important to me though was to get to know the company from the inside; to know the personalities behind the job titles and to see whether we share the same values.

It may sound controversial, but I believe that corporate culture is better seen when outside the office – when there are no desks, computers, calls, or other elements of daily routine; just your peers, their true selves, and a unified spirit. Add the challenge of kilometers of sand, stones, up and downs, and the temperamental May sun, and you have all the ingredients for a character-revealing company trip to the desert.

The Leader

Now imagine yourself for the first time in the desert. Or maybe it’s not your first time in the desert, but in this particular place you’re well and truly out of your environment. You know your goal – it’s the beautiful and refreshing Dead Sea; however, you have no idea of which direction to go.

Consequently, the only things you have in your favor are your determination to reach the target, overcoming all obstacles on your way, your fitness, a pair of comfortable shoes, 2 liters of water, a hat, and sunscreen. What do you do now?

Yes, trust the leader and follow him.

DAU-UP leader: Idan Nizri

The Walk, The Risk, and The Team

Good things take time. It was supposed to be a long and challenging walk – over 5 hours of heat and dangerous slopes; overcoming fears, tiredness, and physical and mental adversity. And it probably was, but I didn’t feel it at all (except for the sore body the day after)! I had an amazing time with incredible people. We talked, we laughed, we shared knowledge of the surroundings, and supported each other.

There were quite a few moments when a friendly helping hand was extended to help a team member. The highlight though was when one of my colleagues was stuck in the middle of a narrow path with dangerous slopes on each side and loose stones underfoot. We were walking in a long row, single file, and there was a gap. She became really scared and simply couldn’t move. Everyone in front of her stopped and many returned to help her. After a few minutes of words of encouragement and support, she finally made that step with a leap of faith in those who lent their assistance. It was a remarkable moment – full of true purpose, trust, and encouragement.

We all have our weaknesses and fears. Some of us were less fit or prepared for the trip, others had extreme heat sensitivity, but what was important was that that everyone felt part of the team walking its winning path to the goal.

And this is what the pure essence of the company culture is:  it doesn’t matter how tough, long, and challenging your road to success is, if you have great personalities walking by your side in a friendly and caring environment – people who have “got your back”; you will always win.

Awesome DAU-UP team

The Prize

Words fail to describe the feeling you get when you finally reach the destination. It’s the unique combination of the breathtaking view of the Dead Sea and the adrenaline coursing through your body with the realization that “We made it!” The accomplishment was met with friendly hugs and handshakes, and the anxiety and anticipation was rewarded with a celebration of food, drinks, games, and fun!


The Bottom Line

Every company has a story to tell. But not every company walks its talk. We do!

And if you’re ready to challenge yourself with a deeply satisfying and rewarding path to career success accompanied by a great team that has got your back, then you’re welcome to walk with us.




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