Walk to Success Continued:
Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Marina Sapunova
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It’s been over a year since I joined a family with its own unique culture, talented people, and inspirational leaders. On my first company trip to a desert, I was tested for heat resistance and durability.

This time, the landscape was much more diverse; with many ups and downs and more than enough pressure placed on my legs. But if you are in the company of DAU-UP crew, there’s no challenge that will be beyond your strength!


It’s not a secret that maintaining a company culture during times of rapid growth does not come easy. Well, we have grown…

…but every team member will tell you honestly that DAU-UP is the best place they have ever worked.

It’s way beyond hiring the smartest, most capable and hardworking employees; there’s a completely different layer that makes the team really fit together and become stronger as it grows.

Simply put, it’s much more than a team, it’s a family where people really care about everyone else.

Yes, the family grows. But it’s happening in an environment where everyone helps each other succeed, and this synergy fuels high performance and rapid pace towards achieving company goals.


The ups and downs is not something that can scare this team away. Even if you are suffering some bad back pains. And even if you’re in your last month of pregnancy.

Meet Maya – my personal hero, who has made it all the way to the end, despite the heat, difficulties, and physical pressure.


It takes a lot of courage to take on an endeavor like this. She’s a perfect example of the true spirit here at DAU-UP.  We are brave to take the risk and determined to succeed. And in the atmosphere of mutual caring and support, nothing is impossible.


The DAU-UP spirit is that secret, the spice that makes ordinary things – extraordinary. Be it cooking a delicious meal or playing a famous song – it’s much better when done together. It’s fun when we do it – and the results exceed all expectations.



There’s nothing more rewarding than reaching a breathtaking destination at the end of a challenging path. It makes you feel relieved on the one hand, and strong and capable to overcome any obstacles on the other. There will be more roads; some of them will be easy, some of them not – but with every difficult path we become stronger.


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