How to Boost Your Game Egg-cellence This Spring

The holidays are a great way to increase brand exposure and acquire new players – and Easter is no exception. Even if your game doesn’t have eggs or bunnies, you can still incorporate Easter into your scheduled update to encourage customers to engage with your game in a fun new way. In general, the same […] Continue Reading


10 Commandments of Ad Creative for Games

Watch the video from our Creative Studio about the top 10 tips for creating player-enticing ad creative for your game. Here’s the video content in the format of infographics if you’d like to save it for future reference. Enjoy!


2016 User Acquisition Strategy Tips

2015 is drawing to a close and we are faced with all the last minute things which need to be completed before the year formally concludes. And 2016 planning is one of those things. Although the majority of you have probably concluded your New Year business strategy, this article is a great way to double […] Continue Reading



The holidays are the perfect time to hook new players for your game as people have free time, shiny new devices as gifts, and tend to be in the spending spirit. But along with the rising excitement for a wave of new players, the CPIs also rise. This places a logical question in your mind (as […] Continue Reading


How To Lure Real Money Gamblers to Social Gaming

Real Money Online Casino gambling revenue estimates for 2015 are around €28.24 billion whereas Social Casino game revenue estimates are less than 8% of this, totaling approximately €2.12 billion. There is a huge unfulfilled potential here, as online gamblers are willing to spend their money online for the very unlikely chance to win money. We […] Continue Reading


Why Your New Game Should Be eSports Friendly

Competitive gaming is a global phenomenon that emanated in Asia where it has experienced strong growth and success for many years. It finally broke into the Western market, proving, along with virtual reality, to be one of the most popular trends of 2015. NA and Europe have recently seen a tremendous rise in the number […] Continue Reading

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Licensed IP In Mobile Gaming: A Discovery Shortcut Or A Production Nightmare?

In 2007, I was leading the production of Herod’s Lost Tomb game; a PC hidden object game based on the documentary IP belonging to National Geographic. It was quite a challenging but eye-opening development that eventually led to a top-10 product and a handful of useful insights. The gaming industry today is witnessing a mad […] Continue Reading



We live our lives in social media. When you go to a fancy restaurant, hundreds of your Pinterest friends know what you ate for dinner. When you’re stuck in traffic, all your Twitter followers know the music you’re listening to. When you go on vacation, hundreds of your Instagram friends know what your bare feet […] Continue Reading

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