We couldn’t be more excited to share the news! DAU-UP was recognized as a member of Instagram Partner Program with Ad Tech Specialty. The Instagram Partner Program has recognized DAU-UP for its leading position in mobile user acquisition, and identified its proven delivery of improved performance for its partners on the Instagram platform. Instagram established […] Continue Reading


What You Need to Know About the FMP-MMP Power Combo

Our VP Social, Uriel Shklanovksy, shared with the AppsFlyer’s blog audience how the FMP-MMP combo can revolutionize the way mobile marketers optimize their campaigns! Uriel speaks about the value of the FMP-MMP collaboration – the power of real-time postbacks, attribution, and in-app event data.  When working direct or with a non-FMP, there are no postbacks (data can only be […] Continue Reading

Instagram Advertising

Ramp Up Your Mobile Game with Instagram Advertising

“The most anticipated moment in the evolution of advertising” is finally here. Instagram has officially switched on its Ads API and all Facebook’s Ad targeting tools are officially open for Instagram advertisers. Key Facts: 300m+ MAU 75M+ DAU 77.6M users in the U.S. 70%+ user are outside the U.S. 51% of users are male – […] Continue Reading


Infographic: Why Facebook?

Mobile gaming industry reality states that there’s no turning back from the free-to-play business model currently dominating the market. Few mobile users will pay to download a game, however many are willing to give it a shot when it’s free. But enough of stating the obvious. The key question is, “How do you get more […] Continue Reading


6 Killer Facebook Gamer Statistics for Smarter UA Investments

Success in the free-to-play model is a numbers game, and as a game developer, you know it all too well. Investing in mobile app install ads is the right solution to grow your player base as long as the players you acquire contribute more than they cost. And with intense competition constantly driving CPI up, […] Continue Reading


Entice Your Desktop Players with Video App Install Ads

Even though the trend in the games industry continues to shift to mobile, desktop games are still big on Facebook. Yesterday, Facebook announced that it’s launching video app install ads for desktop “to attract more people to install and play Facebook desktop games.” If you’re developing, launching, or running a Facebook desktop game, this is […] Continue Reading


7 Golden Tips for Creating Facebook UA Campaigns

There are many ways to acquire new users – some of them being more effective than others. Even though there are many new platforms catching up and improving their advertising tools, Facebook is still the most flexible and precise advertising tool that we are aware of; especially for gaming. After 4 years of experiencing, learning, […] Continue Reading


Lookalike or Precise Targeting?

From day one, Facebook positioned itself as a social platform where users can share thoughts, connect with one another, and interact. Today, with over 1.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook has a huge data warehouse of all of its users, their info and interests. Unlike some advertising platforms, Facebook is built from real users – […] Continue Reading

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