Walk to Success Continued:
Bigger, Faster, Stronger

It’s been over a year since I joined a family with its own unique culture, talented people, and inspirational leaders. On my first company trip to a desert, I was tested for heat resistance and durability. This time, the landscape was much more diverse; with many ups and downs and more than enough pressure placed […] Continue Reading


Season Greetings from DAU-UP

The holiday season gives all of us time to reflect on the past year – and we have much to be grateful for in 2015. This has been a year of amazing growth for DAU-UP. We have had lots of fun celebrating 4 weddings and 8 births! In addition, we have scaled up our team […] Continue Reading


DAU-UP Walk to Success

When I joined DAU-UP after 7 years of running a game development studio, I was already tuned into my twin passions of games and marketing; so I knew I was aligned with the company’s business direction. What was more important to me though was to get to know the company from the inside; to know […] Continue Reading

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