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Noa Singer
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Who doesn’t want to burst?

You have a great product. You tested it enough to know without doubt that it’s the “real deal;” now if only enough people knew about it, you’re sure it would be the next big thing.

So, the only logical conclusion, is that it’s time to burst…

But how?  With more than 3 million mobile apps in the different stores it’s a huge challenge to get your app noticed, let alone discovered. Recent studies show that over 65% of users discover new apps by browsing the app stores. If you manage to get your app into the Top Charts, the users will find you – and “burst campaigns” are tailor made for this purpose.

So when should you do it?  Does it work for any app? Is there any difference when dealing with iOS vs. Android? Who can burst my app into the stratosphere?


Let’s start from the beginning – what is a burst campaign?

A burst campaign is used when someone wants to gain and acquire a huge amount of installs over a short period of time in order to get their app into the Top Charts and search results, thereby increasing the app’s visibility and attaining free and quality organic installs.

There are different opinions about burst campaigns; however, as part of a well planned marketing strategy, they can be a great way to achieve your goals.

clockWhy and when should I do it?
1 main reason and 3 occasions.

You want users to notice your app and download it (free installs, yay!!)


  • Launching a new game – when  you feel that the game has reached puberty, has great potential, and preforms very well in all KPI’s
  • Launching in a new market - take advantage of the fact there is no rating or user history so that the ranking algorithm can give the greatest weight to install volumes
  • Reviving game position – a successful game which wants a boost in numbers for a specific occasion


arrowWhat should be the goals of a burst campaign?
  • To deliver the amount of installs needed to reach the Top 5/10/25  charts  in your app category
  • To reach the highest quality users, using the momentum of the organic lift and the buzz made by the ranking
  • To reach the same ARPU by balancing the incentivized users with the highest quality of  organic users


OK, OK, OK…We now get the general idea and we believe that it could be of great benefit to us. How do we proceed? What do we need to prepare? What should we do? Can we do it by ourselves?


In general, you need to:professional
  1. Define the target market/s.
  2. Find out how many installs you need to reach your goal.
  3. Select a specific date with enough time to spare – timing is of vital importance and will affect the numbers of installs you will need and therefore the budget.
  4. Reserve sufficient media resources/get an agency that specializes in burst campaigns.


ios_Vs_andIs bursting in iOS different than in Android?

The general idea is the same, however the execution should be slightly different and should consider a few differences in approach.
While Apple’s algorithm gives a high weighting to install volume in a given time frame, Google Play assigns more weight to actual usage, quality of the app, performance issues, SEO, reviews, and ratio of uninstalls. Consequently, burst campaigns need to be customized for iOS and Android.


5 golden takeaways:
  1. The first 48 hours following the app launch in a specific store are critical as each install is worth approximately double in terms of reaching the Top charts.
  2. The organic lift is affected by many parameters including:
    • Genre and potential audience of your game in the targeted market
    • App ASO (in Android SEO is important as well)
    • App rating
    • User feedback
    • The size of the game
  3. Release a synced PR to leverage the buzz.
  4. Maintain the post burst effort for a few days.
  5. Do it only when you feel comfortable about the game monetization and server stability for mass users.
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