Apple App Store Growth in Key Numbers

Guy Elbaz
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During the recently held WWDC keynote speech, Apple showcased a few key numbers highlighting the growth of the App Store since it launched back in 2008. Apple CEO, Tom Cook, noted that the App Store has forever changed software distribution – and we couldn’t agree more!

In total, the company said that there are 850 apps downloaded every second. And since its opening a total of 100 billion apps have been downloaded, with a collective total pay-out to developers of $30 billion, making App Store the most profitable online storefront for apps on the planet.

And the number of game is on the constant rise. In May 2015, Statista reported the number of applications submitted for release to the App Store surpassed 40,000 for the first time.


According to Statista, games make up for a quarter of all the apps on the App Store, which now has over 1,500,000 apps.


While in the recently published report from App Annie and IDC, the total share of game downloads on iOS in 1Q15 was ~30%. Results span applicable smartphones and tablets (incl. iPod Touch).

In addition, iOS consumer spending on mobile gaming grew ~30% in comparison to 1Q14. And this is strongly supported by the recent industry data that shows that gaming apps are undergoing strong user growth, especially in the U.S. The gaming apps have the highest rate of user engagement at 602 minutes of average monthly usage duration.

The leaders in Active Users on iPhone in 1Q15 are:


While user engagement continues to grow, encouraging retention continues to be a challenge for many game developers. About 52% of all apps lose at least half of their peak users after three months.

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