How to Acquire 2x Players with Google Mobile App Install Ads

Gabi Castellan
DAUUP Google Mobile App Install
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We all know that the days of publishing your new game in the App Store and have it become an overnight success are a distant memory. These days, the App Store has so many releases, there is little to no chance of getting noticed and generating enough downloads to turn a profit. It is an even bigger challenge for mature games with millions of users across multiple markets to consistently hit in large acquisition scale and motivate developers to search for new and reliable ways to reach quality players.

Consequently, finding additional acquisition channels to get your game discovered and installed by the right players is critical. But what is there to gain from making an investment in gamer acquisition through Google’s AdWords in-app network (which reaches 650K active apps)?

Top 5 Adword’s features to drive large-scale mobile app installs:

  1. Mobile GDN Network– Mobile Web Inventory: is a huge source of players for all genres. It has proved itself to be tremendously effective in generating monetizable players, both for iOS and Android operating systems.
  2. Precise Demographic Targeting: optimizing by age and gender lets you target (or avoid) precise messages to different audiences.
  3. Installed App Categories – App Genres categories: proven to be an accurate targeting tool that delivers excellent ROI when combining different categories of games and verticals.
  4. Video Mobile App Install – Native Ad: a super easy-to-setup native video ad that both reduces overall CPIs and increased ROI. The format allows the user to get an idea of what the game looks like before clicking on the ad.
  5. In-App-Purchase Targeting – Paying Users: a feature that enables us acquire users who’ve made in-app or app purchases and cost-effectively reach audiences that have a high probability of making a deposit in the game.

We have seen proven results in generating greater value from Google’s app promotion products for campaigns we ran for Social Point, the world’s 3rd largest developer on Facebook. “We had great success utilizing Google’s app promotion tools to reach new and monetizable players for Monster Legends and Dragon City Mobile. Both are highly successful and mature games from Social Point.”  Guy Elbaz, Head of Ad Operation. “We developed a Google Media solution based on API tools and know-how which allowed us to double the number of players acquired and decrease CPI cost by 50%, thereby growing the game’s DAU and MAU within tight ROI targets.”


Google’s latest features and extensions of mobile app install products provide developers with a handful of highly effective tools to grow their games. And while the above 5 features will provide you with a solid start, if you want to take full advantage of leveraging Google’s strength to maximize value from your installs, be sure to take a look at our mobile advertising services for games or request a FREE proposal on Mobile App Install ads from our UA experts.

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